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The Road to War (The End of an Empire) | Full Documentary | HDTV 2014 720p

Year: 2014 Run-Time: 1 x 50 min. Directed by Leo Bauer and Robert Gokl A co-production by ORF and metafilm in association with BMBF, funded by Austrian ...
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"The Forgotten Realm on the Eve of the Great War: Austria-Hungary in July 1914," Dr. John Deak

Dr. John Deak, University of Notre Dame, discusses the Austro-Hungarian Empire during July of 1914, challenging traditional concepts of Austria-Hungary's ...
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23rd July 1914: Austria-Hungary presents ultimatum to Serbia

On the 23rd July 1914, Austria-Hungary issued an ultimatum to Serbia specifically designed to be rejected and lead to war between the two countries.
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WWI Factions: The Austro-Hungarian Army

Faction: The Austro-Hungarian Army The First World War Austria and Hungary both had their own standing armies. In 1914 Austria had 40000 soldiers and ...
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The Austro-Hungarian Empire Strikes Back I THE GREAT WAR Week 48

Just a few weeks ago Austria-Hungary's military laid in shambles. But with German support from August von Mackensen and other German generals, the tide is ...
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What If Austria-Hungary Reunited Today?

What if the Austro-Hungarian Empire reunited today after being dead for nearly 100 years? Let's find out! RealLifeLore Patreon: ...
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Alternate history of Austria-Hungary(1914-2017)

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The Collapse of Austria-Hungary: Every Day

See the chaotic border changes and wars in Central Europe as Austria-Hungary collapsed. Includes the Hungarian-Romanian War, Polish-Czechoslovakian ...
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(Alternate) Short restoring of Austria-Hungary

Great country will rise again. But how? -WARNING!!!!- This video is subjective opinion of author. The author did not try to specify the alternative line as precisely ...
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1914 Austria Hungary Declares War Against Serbia

A factor leading to WWI from
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Austro-Hungarian army footage HD

The song is called "Unter dem Doppeladler" (Under the Double Eagle) by Joseph Frans Wagner.
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The Austro-Hungarian Empire

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Austrian Empire / Austria-Hungary

The Austrian Empire and Austria Hungary from 1815-1914.
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Austro-Hungarian Uniforms of World War 1 I THE GREAT WAR Special

For more details on Austro-Hungarian Uniforms: Austria-Hungary fielded probably the most diverse army of World War ...
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