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eBay coin collector

selling my coins on ebay!
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So I bought a coin estate lot off of ebay the other day and wanted to see if it was worth it or not. In my opinion buying the coin lots from estate sellers isn't the best ...
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Collectibles at eBay

Chat of the Week, Powered by eBay | Jill Ramsey In this Chat of the Week episode, Jill Ramsey, VP of Merchandising Soft Goods at eBay, discusses how the ...
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CoinWeek Classic: Million Dollar Seller on eBay Shares Secrets of His Success. VIDEO: 5:09.

David Enders, Dave's Collectible Coin, interviewer: David Lisot, Dave Enders started selling a few quarters on eBay for a few dollars. Now he ...
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eBay Coin Lots-To Buy or Not to buy?? I've been asked a couple of times about my thoughts on purchasing "Coin lots" or groups of coins for sale on eBay. As always ...
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Coin Collectors: This Information Will Save You THOUSANDS $$$

In this video I talk about the dangers of PVC damage to collectible coins. It is an unfortunate part of coin collecting history that many manufacturers of coin ...
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Selling Coins on Ebay: The Ultimate Case Study on increasing bids and Making Money

Want to make money on Ebay? Learn the strategies that work, based on data we collected from hundreds of coin sales and auctions. We crunched the data, ...
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Top 10 EXTREMELY Valuable Items You May Own (Rare Items You Might Own)

Top 10 EXTREMELY Valuable Items You May Own (Rare Items You Might Own) Subscribe to never miss a video: Follow us on Twitter to ...
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Bitcoin - Ethereum - Litecoin. Physical Coins From Ebay

Bitcoin - Ethereum - Litecoin. Physical Coins From Ebay.
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Buying coins off Ebay

In the last few months I've totaled up around $600 worth of coins that I've bought off of Ebay. This video only shows about $120 worth of the coins I've bought.
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Ebay coin collector ( jasonjasonjura on eBay.)

ranting about items.
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Some scarce Low mint Australian coins worth money

More links below ▽ TO BUY AUSTRALIAN COINS: ...
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"UNSEARCHED" Wheat Roll Bought Off Ebay. Watch This Video BEFORE You Buy. Indian Ender.

Be sure to watch this video before you consider buying those "UNSEARCHED" rolls off of eBay and other sites. You be the judge.
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Unboxing from eBay: New Beautiful World Banknotes! February 3, 2017

Another lot of world banknotes for my collection and resale on eBay. Please LIKE, COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE. More Videos to Come....
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Top 10 Incredibly Rare and Valuable Things You May Have

It turns out there are lots of everyday collectible things that may look like junk but are actually worth hundreds, maybe even tens of thousands of dollars.
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