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Tiagra RD-4700 SL-4700 Flat Bar Shifter Compatibility 10 Speed

These flat bar road shifters have a different cable pull then other Shimano 10 speed road products. The rear derailleur must be matched to the shifters. If there ...
Uploaded: 2016-04-06T17:11:39.000Z

How To Fix Rapid Fire Shifter - Shimano STX RC - BikemanforU Gear Repair

Rapid Fire trigger shifters are no match for BikemanforU's TLC. Learn this easy fix and keep your Shimano gears running smoothly. Free shipping ...
Uploaded: 2014-09-18T21:30:02.000Z

Shimano XT M770, shifters and Cassette

Upgrades for the iron horse, 9 speed cassette and shifters, Shimano xt.
Uploaded: 2010-03-20T14:48:13.000Z