Thai Tattoo by Ajarn Som

Our good friend Ajarn Som was years ago a monk in the famous temple Wat Bang Phra in Thailand. Here he learned the art of the Magic Buddhist Sak Yant Tattoos from Thailand The temple Wat Bang Phra is many hundred years maybe more then 1000 years old, and is about 50 Kilometers west of Bangkok. Wat Bang Phra is famous since the year one for the magic Tattoos, called Sak Yant or Yantra Tattoos. Those holy tattoos gives the wearer protection from evil, strength, luck and other magical features, because the holy monks blesses the tattoos and they breath life into them. Ajarn Som is a master of putting oil, machine and handpoke tattoo After years as a monk, he stopped. But for the for the ordinary Thai people in his neighborhood , who anticipates strength, luck and protection from a holy magic tattoo the can visit Ajarn Som to his house in Bangkok . Ajarn Som helps also organize the famous Tattoo event at Wat Bang Phra that is held each year.